Truffling in the Marca

The lands of truffle

A land to discover

Nature, history, excellent products along trails to be discovered. Discover the Lands of Truffle


At 1070 meters above sea level, Bolognola is the highest municipality in the Marche region. An ideal destination for those who love nature, hiking, skiing and the outdoors. Among the spectacles that nature offers in Bolognola are the waterfalls and Acquasanta Gorge, Mount Rotondo, and the springs of the Fiastrone River.


The Ducal City, elected as the capital of the Marca of Camerino by Charlemagne, has enjoyed great prestige since Roman times. Thanks to the House Da Varano, Camerino experienced its greatest development accompanied by a great artistic and cultural ferment. Home to one of the oldest universities in Italy, UNICAM – University of Camerino.


Fiastra is a paradise for those who love the outdoors: the celebrated lake set among the mountains, the spectacle of pinnacles and towers of the Lame Rosse, but also the excitement offered by the adventure park, the campgrounds and the wonderful architectural works that dot the area.

Lake Fiastra

Monte Cavallo

Enclosed by rocky peaks rises the small village of Monte Cavallo, one of the smallest in the entire region with its approximately 100 inhabitants. Once known by the name Monsampolo, the village was renamed by Napoleonic soldiers during the occupation. It is a scattered municipality with hamlets ranging from 700 to 1,500 meters above sea level.


Rising at the center of an important crossroads uniting the peoples of the Marche and Umbria, Muccia boasts numerous attractions. These include the church of Santa Maria Da Varano, which has a characteristic octagonal plan and contains works by De Magistris. The quaint old town offers the opportunity to visit the Da Varano Mill. Muccia is home to the famous Varnelli distillery.


Pieve Torina

Pieve Torina is the water village, thanks to the innovative Knaip trail that offers travelers the chance to immerse themselves in a nearly 5-kilometer-long adventure that ends at the picturesque mill in the hamlet of Fiume. Pieve Torina is home to the “Museum of Our Land” full of settings and tools of rural culture.

Serravalle di Chienti

A frontier village, Serravalle di Chienti lies on the border between the Marche and Umbria regions. It has always been an important transit hub for goods and livestock due to the many springs in the area. Of notable interest is the monumental work commissioned by Giulio Cesare Da Varano, called the Botte dei Varano, which enabled the reclamation of the Colfiorito plateau in the 13th century.

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