The Red Blades

From the Ruffella Lookout to the Red Blades

The route starts from the Rufella Lookout, with striking views of Lake Fiastra and the Fiastrone Valley. We then enter the holm oak forest until we reach the Fosso della Regina and shortly ascend to the peculiar formations of the Lame Rosse.

Meeting at 9:30 a.m. – Belvedere della Rufella – Fiastra
Return about 1 p.m.
Total elevation gain: about 300 m.
Total length A/R: 7 km
Walking time: about 3 hours
Difficulty: E

Recommended clothing and materials: hiking boots, long pants, hat, rain jacket or cape or k-way, sunscreen, one liter of water (minimum), snack/fruit.

Participation fee: €15 per person
Park Guide: Andrea Piccirilli

For info and reservations: Andrea Piccirilli 3282932998


22 Jul 2023



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