Sanctuary of Macereto + Truffle Hunt ⛰

➡Route: from Taro to M. Di Monte Aguzzo, Croce Di Vari and “La Casetta.”
⬅Return: for Serrone, Fosse La Valle and Costa Del Taro.

Cost of the excursion: 15 euros.

Prior to the excursion there will be a demonstration in the truffle ground with the dog by a professional and, at the end of the excursion, an optional truffle tasting and other typical products costing 10 euros.

ℹ Type: Ring.
Length: about 12 km.
Duration: 5. Approximately 30 hours (including stops)
Height difference: about 350 m.
Level: Intermediate 🥾🥾
CAI scale difficulty: E (Hiking).

🎒Bring: mountain clothing (hiking shoes, backpack, rain/wind jacket, hat, spare shirt), plenty of water, a snack, packed lunch.

📍Meeting 7:30 a.m. at “Bar Fronzi,” Loc. Maddalena – Muccia (MC).

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13 Aug 2023



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